• Touchpoint Vol.14 No.1 article

    The paper “Design Toolkits for Enhancing Team Engagement,” authored by Tsukui, was published in Touchpoint, an international journal of service design issued by The Service Design Network.

  • Serviceology article

    An article by Nambu, “Symbiosis with the Earth: A Design Program to Envision Sustainable Services,” is featured in Servisology, a web magazine published by the Society for Serviceology.

  • xTECH website article

    An interview with Professor Masanao Takeyama was published on the xTECH website, an online media operated by Mitsubishi Estate.

  • CoDesign: Design Suru Koto wo Minna no Te ni (CoDesign: Designing with People)

    A book on design for understanding and practicing “CoDesign” by Professor Takahito Kamihira. This book is easy for both designers and non-designers to understand, and explains the concept of “CoDesign” and methods that are useful for activities in various fields.

  • Service Design no Kyoukasyo: Kyoso Suru Business no Tsukurikata (Service Design Textbook: How to Develop a Co-Creative Business)

    An introductory book on service design by Professor Masanao Takeyama. After reviewing the concepts of “service” and “design”, it explores the possibilities of applying “service design” in Japanese business worlds and public policy.

  • Designing for Behavior Change: Applying Psychology and Behavioral Economics (Japanese Edition)

    The Japanese edition of Stephen Wendell’s book of the title (2013), translated by Professor Masanao Takeyama. It helps readers to create a digital product that facilitates behavior change of the user based on the insights of behavioral economics and psychology.

  • The Service Startup: Design Thinking Gets Lean (Japanese Edition)

    The Japanese edition of Tennie Pinheiro’s book of the title (2014), translated by Professor Masanao Takeyama. This is one of a few books written in Japanese for those looking to learn agile service design approach.

  • Research Report: ‘Mono’ to ‘Monogatari’ no Design Kenkyukai

    A research report on Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C) “Designing to visualize and share stories in a risk society and Building basic theory”, conducted by ACTANT’s Nambu in collaboration with Masako Miyata of Aichi Shukutoku University and Tomohide Mizuuchi of Nagoya University of the Arts.

  • MSB! MAGAZINE NO.106 article

    Our very own Emiri Kimura was featured in the alumni newsletter published by Musashino Art University.

  • Administration & Information Systems February 2017 article

    Professor Takeyama’s article “Design and Innovation of Public Services by Service Design” appeared in a journal published by the Institute of Administrative Information Systems.

  • Marketing of 1 million companies VOL.01 article

    Professor Takeyama’s article “Service Design” was published in a marketing magazine launched to commemorate the 60th anniversary of “Sendenkaigi”.

  • BRAIN VOL.650 article

    A talk by Professor Takeyama, Mr. Yukinobu Maruyama (Hitachi, Ltd.), and Mr. Kotaro Watanabe (takram design engineering) was published.