• Ryuichi Nambu

    ACTANT CEO / Design Director

    Born in 1979. After studying Anthropology at BA, obtained an MA on Interactive media at Goldsmiths College at the University of London. After returning to Japan, worked at Hiromura Design Office. As a graphic designer, worked on a wide range of projects that include branding and signage design. After starting the independent design office in 2009, obtained an MA at the University of Tokyo Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies at the same time. Currently engaged in visual communication design rooted in media studies and anthropology.

  • Masanao Takeyama

    ACTANT Co-founder / Design Strategist / Professor

    After graduating from the Keio University, Masa obtained a PhD from the University of California at Santa Barbara. He started his academic career as a research associate at the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University. He then became an associate professor at the Faculty of Economics of Keio in 2003 and has been working at the same faculty as a professor since 2008 . His research focuses on service design methodology integrating various disciplines such as economic geography, marketing theory and behavioral sciences. He is a co-representative of the Japan chapter of International Service Design Network.

  • Kahoru Tsukui

    ACTANT Co-founder / COO / Service Designer

    After graduating from the Keio University Faculty of Economics, handled marketing of business network services for a telecommunications firm and then obtained an MA in service design at a scholarship program at the Domus Academy in Italy. In 2013 co-founded ACTANT. Currently she has been in charge of research and design direction for projects in various fields, creating new values for customers, employees, and society. Also works as a research at Keio University and is engaged in developing a methodology to integrate behavioral design into service design.

  • Ryo Sato

    PUPLICA, Inc. / Business Strategist

    Born in 1981. After graduating from International Christian University, participated in the launch of a digital advertising analysis service. Later, worked for Aegis Group (Current Dentsu International), where he developed quantitative media plans using multivariate analysis and statistical models. After working in Accenture Management Consulting Division, where he was involved in consulting in the areas of business strategy and marketing, joined ACTANT in 2014. Founded PUPLICA, Inc. in 2019 to promote data-driven DX.

  • Daisuke Nakazawa

    Designer / Artist / Narrative Explorer

    As a researcher specialised in cultural anthropology and an artist/designer with backgrounds in architecture, advertising and theatre, Daisuke has an extensive experience developing products/services as well as arts and spatial performances. Having graduated from MA Narrative Environments at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, Daisuke works collaboratively through each stage of the design process by using stories as a tool to create a meaningful experience.

  • Takahito Kamihira

    Design Researcher / Designer

    Born in Kagoshima. After graduating from the Graduate School of Art & Design at the University of Tsukuba with a major in MA., worked as a graphic designer, an assistant at the Faculty of Art at Tokyo Polytechnic University and a visiting researcher at the IT University of Copenhagen. In 2004, assumed a teaching position at Senshu University. In recent years, has taken an interest in social elements and complex issues between stakeholders that cannot be resolved through design alone; is working on CoDesign as a means of constructively solving challenging present-day needs.

  • Takeshi Okahashi

    Hillbridge / Design Researcher

    Born in 1978. A graduate of the International Christian University in Tokyo. After working as a research assistant at Hokkaido University and a facilitator in a community design firm in Saitama, he studied at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) in 2013. From 2014, he started working as a director at RE:PUBLIC Inc. where he had planned and involved in business creation workshops and projects. In 2020, he went independent and moved to the Netherlands with his family. His strength is in research, workshop planning, and storytelling. A founding member of ACTANT FOREST.

  • Kakuro Odagi

    BUSH, Inc. / Planner / Architect

    Born in 1978. A graduate of the Tokyo University of the Arts Department of Architecture. After engaging in planning, design, and supervision of various architectural projects at an architectural design office and working at a consulting firm specializing in town planning, went on to handle consulting on urban development and new business planning for domestic and international real estate developers. In 2020, founded BUSH, Inc. a firm largely focused on consulting for town planning projects. A founding member of ACTANT FOREST.

  • Ryoko Ueoka

    zeroinon Inc. / Researcher

    PhD, engineering in Advanced Interdisciplinary Engineering from the University of Tokyo, specializing in wearable computer and life log. After research and teaching experience in academia, established zeroinon Inc. in 2021 with the aim of improving human well-being through technology by connecting the environment, the body and information. Her awards include the Interaction and Interactive Presentation Award from the Information Processing Society of Japan (2019, 2020), the Virtual Reality Society of Japan Paper Award (2013), the Good Design Award (2011), and the IEEE Int’l Symposium on Wearable Computer Juries Design Award (2008).

  • Hanae Shimizu


    She specialized in art history and design in Japan before moving to the Netherlands to pursue a degree in conceptual design at the Department of Man & Well-Being at the Design Academy Eindhoven. After graduating, she worked in information design at Studio Joost Grootens, a book design studio in Amsterdam. Upon returning to Japan, she joined Designit Tokyo and became involved in service design. Currently, she engages in various design activities, utilizing her strength in visualization to conduct research, develop concepts, and implement service design projects.

  • Kairi Wasaki

    Designer / Writer

    After studying mechanical engineering at Waseda University, he majored in Transdisciplinary Design and minored in Anthropology and Design at Parsons School of Design, The New School. He completed his thesis project called “Paradoxical Prototyping -How Zen Inspires Design Ethics-” and graduated in May 2023 with a Master of Fine Arts. He joined ACTANT in June 2023, mainly in charge of assisting event management and writing event reports for SyDeSemi. He writes articles about design based on his experience studying Transdisciplinary Design at Parsons School of Design.

  • Tomohide Mizuuchi

    Design Researcher

    Tomohide Mizuuchi Ph.D., is an associate professor at the Centre for the Possible Futures at Kyoto Institute of Technology. He specialises in metadesign, systemic design and design for social innovation. He received his Ph.D. from Kyoto Institute of Technology after graduating with an MA in Design Futures from Goldsmith College, University of London. After working for creative agencies in London and Tokyo, he has been in his current position since 2022.

  • Mai Hashiba

    ACTANT Office Manager / PR

    Born in 1982. After Graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Aesthetics and Art History, obtained an MA from the same university. Gained experience in art management in an art gallery for rising artists, and in a production team for digital art events. Joined ACTANT in 2017. Along with administrative tasks, she also supports various research related to our projects. At the same time, she took part in support of art exhibitions and events in editing materials for printing and for the website.

Partner Companies

  • PUPLICA, Inc.

    Supporting the use of digital transformation (DX) / data

    PUPLICA is a digital transformation (DX) consultancy which aids clients in implementing a DX process that places the foremost emphasis consumer experiences through a focus on data and use of digital solutions. By combining a service design-oriented approach with digital technology and data analytics, the firm supports clients in implementing thoroughgoing service tailored to humane experiences, as well as those requiring augmentation through technology.

  • BUSH, Inc.

    Consulting on town planning

    BUSH takes a creative approach to architecture, urban planning, design, art, and other domains, offering consulting on both the tangibles and intangibles of town planning, real estate development, and architectural planning (research, planning, conceptualization, new business planning, creative direction, etc.). It also actively practices design activities that organically connect cities and natural environments through the ACTANT FOREST initiative.

  • zeroinon Inc.

    Planning, research, investigation, development, construction, operation, maintenance and consulting for IT and XR-related business / Development, procurement and sales of IT and XR-related equipment and systems

    Developed online user research tool, CoMADO, in collaboration with ACTANT. Discussed the next generation of spatial computers through the development of a system prototype with the University of Tokyo’s VR Education and Research Center.