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We aim to create a flexible, flat organization and environment so that all members can fully leverage their abilities and creativity towards ongoing growth.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to where, when, and how each member must work. Each member designs how they wish to interact with ACTANT according to changes in their own lifestyle and stage in life; we have a flexible system in place to ensure that each person can achieve their own way of working. Members can choose the number of days they wish to work, allowing a work-life balance in terms of childraising, nursing, and other needs, with “workcation” systems in place for selecting leave at will.

Our studio located in Nishi-waseda is a hub for workshops and design work that would be impractical in an online or remote context. This is not used as a predefined office, but rather as a collaborative space members can freely make use of based on their work and the deliverables in question.

We are actively looking for people with whom our culture resonates, and we are enthusiastic about designing new value with you. We welcome applications from candidates with the ability to flexibly move projects forward by leveraging the high degree of freedom we offer, as well as those with a sense of responsibility, curiosity for learning, and self-management skills.

In addition, if you have an established professional skillset, you can collaborate with us as a partner. Intriguing collaborations between people with different specialties and perspectives are happening here every day. If we do not have an open position that fits your skillset, or if you are already working independently, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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All personal information submitted for applications is only used for the purposes of screening and review. Following recruitment screenings, personal information is promptly disposed of.
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