Our Team

Ryuichi Nambu

/Art Director

Born in 1979. After graduating from ICU, obtained an MA at Goldsmiths College at the University of London. After returning to Japan, worked at Hiromura Design Office. As a graphic designer, works on a wide range of projects that include branding and signage design. After starting the independent design office in 2009, obtained an MA at the University of Tokyo Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies. While there, took part in practical programs on media literacy as a designer. Established ACTANT, Inc. in 2013 and assumed role as its president. Member of the Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA). Currently engaged in design that spans various touchpoints and is rooted in media studies and anthropology.

Visual design0%

Masanao Takeyama

/Ph.D, Consultant

After graduating from the Keio University Faculty of Economics, began graduate research at the same faculty. In 1992, studied abroad at the University of California Santa Barbara and obtained a PhD there. In 2003, became an associate professor at the Keio University Faculty of Economics. Became a professor at the same university in 2008. Researching service design that makes use of ICT through the vectors of theory of urban media and marketing theory. Promoting a range of industry-academia projects like the creation of a joint value-creation system that situates companies and consumers together in designing business innovation based on the underlying logic of the service in question. Simultaneously working on corporate training and consulting. In 2013, established the Japanese branch of SDN, an international organization engaged in service design, and assumed the role of its joint president.

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Creative thinking0%

Kahoru Tsukui

/Service Designer

After graduating from the Keio University Faculty of Economics, handled marketing of business network services for a telecommunications firm. Went on to become a researcher at Keio University, taking part in industry-academia projects to develop new open innovation methods. In 2011, obtained an MA in service design at a scholarship program at the Domus Academy in Italy. Worked on numerous industry-academia projects with Italian firms. After returning to Japan, began working as a service designer. Also works as a research at Keio University and is engaged in the design of new service design methodologies. Currently researching trends in the European service design market from a base in Paris.

Service Design 0%

Ryo Sato

/Business Strategist

Born in 1981. After graduating from International Christian University, took part in the launch of online advertisement ROI analysis services at a startup. Went on to work at a British-backed advertising agency to develop quantitative media plans leveraging market research through multivariate analysis and statistical models. In 2010, worked in the management consulting department of Accenture to offer consulting on marketing and CRM to government agencies and firms in the electronics, Internet services, pharmaceutical, and other industries. In 2014, joined ACTANT to explore ways of fusing consulting approaches rooted in quantitative analysis with qualitative design methodologies.

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Data Analysis 0%
Logical Thinking 0%


Emily Kimura

Visual Communication Designer

Holds a master’s degree in Narrative Environments from Central Saint Martins in the UK.
Well-versed in exploring the narratives inherent in different forms of visual communication, concepts, interaction, and experience design.
Holds a bachelor’s degree in Art and Design Policy Management from Musashino Art University in Japan. Pursued further studies in fashion design and media at the London College of Fashion.
Worked at a number of apparel companies and design studios as a graphic designer. In addition, has experience with freelance design work in different commercial and cultural projects both in the UK and Japan.

Visual Communication0%
Narrative Strategy 0%
Workshop Facilitation0%

Daisuke Nakazawa

Communication Designer

Working on the development of home appliances and food products, service design for airlines, and experience design and community design for parks. His projects have drawn attention for fostering communication and interpersonal ties by linking products, services, and spaces. He also builds teams with clients and collaborators to pursue ongoing innovation spanning from development of an initial concept on through its refinement and implementation. Obtained an MA in Narrative Environments from the University of Arts London, Central Saint Martins.


Our Partner


Takahito Kamihira


Born in Kagoshima. After graduating from the Graduate School of Art & Design at the University of Tsukuba with a major in MA., worked as a graphic designer and assistant at the Faculty of Art at Tokyo Polytechnic University. In 2004, assumed a teaching position at Senshu University. Began working at ACTANT in 2016. Engaged in information design education and research. In recent years, has taken an interest in social elements and complex issues between stakeholders that cannot be resolved through design alone; is working on CoDesign as a means of constructively solving challenging present-day needs. From 2015-2016, acted as a visiting researcher at the design research group of the IT University of Copenhagen, researching Nordic style Participatory Design. Certified Human Centered Design Professional.