Utilizing discarded rush
A brand proposing new options for tatami mats

Goodgrass Co., Ltd.

In the current situation of serious resource depletion and environmental pollution, the idea of a “circular economy” (recycling economy) is garnering attention as a model of economic growth that will be indispensable to future societies. The circular economy is a new economic model that makes the environment and the economy sustainable by treating what was previously discarded and unused as “resources” and incorporating them into business.

TATAMO! is a new brand that utilizes short rushes that are unsuitable for tatami mats, and would normally be discarded. We are seeing less and less tatami in urban life due to changes in our living styles. In addition, due to losing ground to imported products, the number of domestic farmers producing high-quality rushes is rapidly decreasing. TATAMO! aims to re-energize the future of the tatami industry by reusing raw materials that would have been discarded in a modern context.

ACTANT was in charge of the project management, visual identity, workshop and exhibition planning, including naming, and in designing consistent product touch points.

Tokyo / 2010-
Branding / Art direction / Graphic design


Bringing tatami into modern contexts such as into the yoga studio and living room

The main focus of the project was to reframe the bias of rush = one tatami mat and introduce new contexts. We worked with product designers to propose new options more in line with modern life such as yoga mats and flooring that can be used in condominium living rooms. We defined a visual identity to express that modernity and expanded it to various media.


  • Developing a brand framework that contributes to a recycling-oriented economic system
  • Project management by diverse stakeholders

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