Simplifying complicated project information for local residents
Urban revitalization project leaflet

Urban Revitalization Project Leaflet
Fujita Corporation

We created leaflets explaining urban revitalization project information for 4 different departments of Fujita Corporation, a general contractor who possesses significant technological capabilities, and engages in a wide variety of projects.

Urban redevelopment requires long term cooperation with local residents for starting up projects. Residents can, however, have difficulty understanding some of the more technical project arrangements, such as land readjustment and the equivalent exchange method.

For this project, ACTANT consulted with the various departments, as well as with experts in order to determine the appropriate page composition for each department. We recorded and edited key points for the projects, as well as Fujita Corporation’s unique strengths, and then presented them in easy to understand visualizations. This helped the residents in understanding the necessary information, which helped alleviate concerns so the project could be started.

Tokyo / 2018-2019
Visual thinking / Editorial design / Information design


Explaining Projects from the Residents’ Perspective

Residents’ simple questions, such as, “What am I supposed to do?” and “What are the benefits?” were answered, and the key points of each project were listed. Easy-to-understand Before/After visuals of the land and buildings were also added. We also developed creative ways to simplify the complicated processes, such as using pictograms and employing different color schemes. Fujita Corporation’s principle of becoming familiar with each individual was expressed by using a warm coloring throughout.

In addition to creating leaflets for each of the 4 departments, we also established a design system consisting of formats, cover pages, and detail designs that could be used for activities involving multiple departments, resulting in a unified set of leaflets for Fujita Corporation’s urban revitalization projects.

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