White Lungs


White Lungs


Breathing quietly, White Lungs comprehensively symbolize the natural energy systems (CO2-reduction function) that are found throughout the Global Center. The giant White Lungs function oppositely.They expand and contract in real time as they exchange data with natural energy systems.The breathed-in CO2 is gradually stored in the lungs. When it reaches a certain level, the lungs are cleaned out to remove the CO2.People who jump on a power-generating floor in the room can assist the lungs’ operation and help them clean the air.Although the concept of reducing CO2 with natural energy can be difficult to grasp in numerical terms,White Lungs gives visitors an opportunity to learn about it in a hands-on manner within a spatial environment.


Aichi Prefectural Government Nanjo and Associates


the Aichikyuhaku Global Center, Aich/2010


Haruaki Tanaka Ryuichi Nambu (graphic, information design) Kakuro Odagi (architecture) Seki Hidenori (architecture) Sound: Kohji Setoh Photo: Testu Hiraga Support: Tanseisha Co., Ltd

Art, Education
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