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ACTANT is an inter-disciplinary design collective empowering a practice of everyday life. We utilize research to enable a range of people and organizations to lead more creative daily lives.


Using qualitative consumer surveys, leading research by opinion leaders, and quantitative statistical analysis, we identify consumer attributes and discover new opportunities.


We design holistic services that incorporate consumer experiences, branding, and touchpoints, as well as working business models.


We partner with university organs and corporations to collaboratively research projects that will translate to the creation of medium- and long-term growth, and then promote and lead those projects.

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The key idea behind ACTANT’s activity is “co-creation.” Thus far, consumers have been treated solely as agents of demand for services and products. However, the time has come to actively interpret their individual role as designers and creators. ACTANT contributes to and supports their individual process of value creation. This is when the comparatively new field of “service design” plays a crucial role.

Traditionally, services are those values or skills provided on behalf of others. We all rely on the help of others in our daily lives; society is structured based on these mutual relationships. The exchange of services plays a fundamental role in daily life and in the backbone of society itself.

In this context, products are a medium through which services are exchanged at a remove of space and time. Through industrialization, many products have become commonplace in our lives, and we have been able to exchange a wider range of services with each other. However, in today’s complex society, values and functions are moving towards a phase of increased fluidity. There are now new opportunities to create even stronger value through never-before-seen combinations of services.

In order to develop innovative forms of personal expression and transform the existing market, as well as resolve the range of social issues faced by various regions, we must take a comprehensive approach to the design of ecosystems that incorporate products, things, and people in one system, rather than as standalone items. By tying together the values and abilities inherent in diverse people and products, service design creates new value together and taps into new potential.

ACTANT acts as a holistic design firm in Japan focusing on service design under the aegis of “co-creation” to support corporations, organizations, and startups in solving a range of issues.

Our Service


Through stakeholder maps and experience journey maps, we design a service ecosystem and suite of plans that meet your requirements.


In order to support the smooth creation of new services and brand experiences, we design the visual identity of your brand and key touchpoints with consumers.


Through design that takes into account a universal storyline, we engender empathy with the target demographic and build services and experiences that reach them in a more direct fashion.


By numerically visualizing the scope of potential customers, market trends, and cost structure, we build roadmaps and simulate business cases for use when revamping your business or launching a new one.


Through interviews, cutting-edge research by opinion leaders, co-creation workshops, and other methods, we analyze consumer attributes and discover new opportunities.


We design quantitative analysis schemes tailored to your goals, then employ these and utilize multivariate analysis and other methodologies to quantitatively assess the feasibility of the design plan.


By incorporating leading research from the world of service design, we develop and systematize a series of methods tailored to your project.


Using past surveys and a proven track record of performance in the field of “living labs,” we support the creation of a plan tailored to your needs, then assist in making it a reality and running it post-launch.


Using programs developed at ACTANT, we provide opportunities for your personnel to change their mindset and learn about creating a design-driven organization.


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